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February 8th with guest William B. Davis!

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Past Guests on G&D

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G&D September 7th with Jason Haxton Owner of the Dibbuk Box

G&D August 31st with guest Ricky Brigante of Inside The Magic

G&D August 17th with Author & Storyteller Thomas Freese

G & D August 3rd with Patrick Doyle

G&D July 27th guest Larry Fessenden

G&D July 13th with Gregory L Norris Star Trek VoyagerSci-Fi Magazine Writer and Horror Author

G&D July 6th with Svengoolie!

G&D June 29th with Kathleen Marden MUFON Abductee Specialist

G&D June 15th Andrea Janes - Boroughs of the Dead:
Macabre New York City Walking Tours

G&D June 8th with Dr. Lynne Kitei, M.D. Researcher & Author of The Phoenix Lights

G&D May 18th with guest Victor Zammit A Lawyer Presents Case for the Afterlife!

G&D May 11th Darren Evens and the Ouija Board and ZoZo phenomenon

April 27th with guest Dr. David Jacobs

G&D April 20th with Morgana Shaw
of the new television seriesSalem!

G&D April 13th with guest Author Ryan Burns and the Skinwalker Ranch

G&D March 30th with Corvis NocturnumReverend of the Church of Satan and Author

G&D March 16th with Eric Lavandar of Charleston Pirate Tours

G&D February 16th
Bill Moseley of Repo! The Genetic Opera, House
of 1000 Corpses, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre

G&D February 2nd
Marilynne K. Roach
Author of Six Woman of Salem

G&D January 26th
With Guest The Professor Slim King

G&D January 19th
With Guest Scott Wilson AKA Hershel Greene
of the Walking Dead!

G&D January 5th
With guest and long time friend
Patrick Doyle of
Ghost Mine!

Part 1

Part 2

G&D December 15th with guest Sid Haig from House of 1000 Corpses, Devils Rejects, Lords of Salem, Little Big Top and much more.

Part 1

Part 2

G&D December 8th with Lee Avenue Haunting author

Donna Parish Bischoff

G&D November 24th Thanksgiving Special

G&D November 3rd
Victor Bariteau from The Chiller Network documentary The American Screamand owner of Ghoulie Manor!

October 27th
Nick Redfern author of
For Nobody's Eyes Only

G&D September 29th
Corker Johnston
Author of Acheri Demon Haunting
and Amy Hollaman of Terror Behind the Walls
at Eastern State Penitentiary!

G&D September 15th
Fritz Zimmerman
Author of
The Nephilim Chronicles

G&D August 18th
Andrea Perron
The real life survivor The Conjuring

G&D August 11th with  Professor/Actress Kerry Noonan 

G&D August 4th with Demonologist Keith Johnson

G&D July 21st with Kalila Smith

G&July 14th with Stanton Friedman

G&D June 9th with Erin Ryder

G&D June 2nd
William Barnes
of the Falcon Project

G&D May 12th
Peter Clines Author of EX-Patriots Ex-Heroes
and 14

G&D April 28th
Max Brooks Author of World War Z

G&D April 21st
Mark Phillips - Executive Producer - My Ghost Story on The Bio Channel

G&D April 14th
April 14th with Dwayne Claud

G&D April 7th
Zombie Hunter Patrick Devaney

G&D March 24th
Don Wildman

G&D March 17th
Michael Rooker

Doug Jones

G&D February 24th
Butch Patrick

Part 1

Part 2

G&D February 10th

G&D January 2013

G&D January 13th 2013

G&D December 16th 2012

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